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Rental Mercedes Sprinter VIP 9 persons

Mercedes Sprinter VIP: Synonymous with Luxury for 9 Persons

The Mercedes Sprinter VIP, designed for 9 people, not only defines luxury in transportation, but also meets the expectations of demanding VIP customers. Every detail of this vehicle has been carefully crafted, ensuring spaciousness, luxury and comfort. In addition, its modern and elegant interior, finished in light cream leather and alcantara, demonstrates sophistication, offering an unforgettable travel experience.

Focused on the needs of passengers, the interior design of the Mercedes Sprinter VIP offers enough space for stylish and comfortable travel. What’s more, the light cream leather and alcantara not only add elegance, but also blend perfectly with the vehicle’s modern style.

Quality and Luxury: Much More Than Transportation

The Mercedes Sprinter VIP is not an ordinary means of transportation, but rather an ideal choice for businessmen who are looking for a comfortable and spacious vehicle for important meetings. In addition, the entertainment system allows passengers to stay productive or relax while traveling.

Functionality at the Highest Level

  • Fully adjustable swivel seats with various configurations provide exceptional travel comfort.
  • The vehicle offers both a conference and lounge version, providing versatility.
  • A fold-down rear bench seat with bed function increases comfort, and a large, roomy trunk makes it easy to transport luggage.
  • Amenities include a table, digital TV, DVD, HDMI, bluetooth, USB, microphone, PlayStation, iPad control, 230V outlets.
  • Internet with Wi-Fi and two screens allow the transfer of video from mobile devices, which adds functionality.
  • Two air conditioning systems with separate temperature settings, as well as parking and convector heating, provide additional comfort.

Ideal for Special Tasks

The Mercedes Sprinter VIP, ideal for 9 people, is perfect for transfers to conventions, festivals, events and concerts, as well as airport transfers and trips abroad. With amenities on the level of a high-end hotel, the functionality of an office and the space of a private jet, this van is unique in its kind.

number of seats: 8+1


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