Prywatny kierowca VIP

Private professional driver for hire with limousine, bus, van or bus. Travel safely, comfortably and stress-free from pickup to destination 365 days a year.

Transfery lotniskowe

Airport transfers with PremiumDrivers are the best option for transferring from or to Warsaw Chopin Airport in Warsaw and Mazovia’s Modlin Airport. We serve every airport in Europe.

Wynajem kierowcy bez pojazdu

If the only car you are comfortable in is your own, then the private chauffeur rental service is for you. Save your time and afford a private driver for your car.

Obsługa eventów

When it comes to group travel, PremiumDrivers is valued here for its professionalism, experience and logistics. Our fleet of vehicles with drivers will handle any event or special event.

Biznesowe transfery

PremiumDrivers offers a service that is helicopter flights. Working with professional staff, we offer fast and comfortable services making helicopter flight a pleasure.

Auto do ślubu

When preparing for this special night, you need above all good organization and calmness. Execution in style and in full luxury we will see to from A to Z. offer

Prywatny kierowca VIP na wynajem z pojazdem


Limousine with driver and the use of exclusive, very elegant vehicles, is the basis for the operation of many a business. In a bustling city like Warsaw, where first impressions and professional appearance play a key role, the need for a luxurious and prestigious mode of transportation is paramount. Whether for corporate events, business meetings, airport transfers or simply to make a lasting impression on customers. When it comes to choosing a limousine service, comfort and luxury are key factors that can greatly enhance the overall experience. 

These exclusive vehicles are equipped with soft leather seats, plenty of legroom and state-of-the-art amenities to provide passengers with a comfortable and relaxing journey. In addition, limousine rental with driver in Warsaw is the convenience of having a professional chauffeur at your disposal throughout the day. Highly trained and experienced drivers not only have in-depth knowledge of urban roads and traffic patterns, but also prioritize passenger safety and comfort.

Transfery lotniskowe Polska i Europa offer – We organize transportation from or to Warsaw Chopin/Modlin airport by luxury car. An elegant driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall with a placard bearing your name or your company’s logo. You will then move to the car together and the driver will help you with your luggage. We guarantee deep satisfaction with Our service.

Our drivers will make every effort to ensure that the transfer from or to the Warsaw airport is smooth and safe. We always provide bottled water in the car. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of Wi-Fi access throughout your trip.

When you choose our airport transfer service, you can expect the utmost convenience and efficiency. Our drivers are well versed and ready for any challenge.

Wynajem kierowcy bez pojazdu


Renting a driver without a vehicle is an ideal service for people who value the comfort of their own car, but still want to experience the luxury of having a private chauffeur. Our offer is a guarantee of the highest standard of service. Our drivers, being professionals in their craft, ensure a safe and comfortable trip, taking care of your car with the utmost care. It’s a great way to add a touch of luxury to your daily routine by delegating the driving to an experienced chauffeur. When you choose our service, you get peace of mind and the ability to focus on the important things while we take care of the road.

We understand that many people have a personal attachment to their own vehicles. Finding similar comfort and familiarity in a rental car can be difficult. Therefore, our private chauffeur service is tailored to those who appreciate the comfort of their own vehicle and want to experience luxury.

Obsługa eventów, konferencji i imprez offers – Transportation service of events is our specialty. Are you organizing an event, corporate party, sporting event, or bachelorette/bachelorette party and wondering how to organize group transportation? Entrust this issue to us! We are specialists in providing transportation services for all kinds of events throughout Poland. Our team is characterized by professionalism and excellent organization. We have a fleet of high-end vehicles, including elegant limousines, spacious buses and comfortable minibuses, always operated by experienced drivers. We provide attractive prices and flexibility to meet the individual needs of each customer.

Transportation service for events Whether you are planning a large official event or an intimate gathering, our offer is able to meet all expectations. Contact us, tell us your requirements, and we will prepare a personalized offer especially for you.

Transfery biznesowe w Polsce i Europie


At PremiumDrivers business transfers, helicopter, limousines we understand the importance of business transfers. Whether you’re attending an important meeting, a corporate event, or picking up important clients from the airport, we ensure your discretion. Our fleet includes not only limousines, but also buses and minibuses, making it convenient for groups of any size. With our range of vehicles, we can accommodate small teams or large groups. For those who want to make a grand entrance, our luxury limousines are ideal. With their elegant design and comfortable interiors, they are the perfect place for any executive or VIP.

Our professional chauffeurs are well-trained and experienced, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. They know the city, its sights and the best routes, so you can trust them to get you to your destination on time. In addition to limousines, we also offer minibuses and vans for larger groups. At PremiumDrivers, we understand the importance of making a strong impression during both personal and business occasions. That’s why we offer a diverse selection of vehicles to meet your specific needs.

Śluby, uroczystości i okazje specjalne offers – A car for the wedding, and your big day is getting closer and closer? Do you get all the details right so that together they create a wonderful whole and make your wedding unforgettable? You are in the right place! We have luxury wedding cars that will make you feel special. We guarantee an elegant and professional driver, who in turn will take care of your comfort and help you with various issues if necessary. We know how stressful it can be to organize a wedding. Therefore, we assure you that you will not encounter any unpleasant surprises from our side. Our cars are always efficient and clean, and our drivers – competent, courteous and of course, punctual!

Each time we offer to prepare the car of your choice – the car will be one hundred percent in working order, clean outside and inside. We also offer a classic, minimalist decoration for the vehicle. In the car you will find bottled water, and if you wish, champagne! We also provide a professional driver. He will be elegantly dressed, help you with packing gifts for the wedding car and, if he is able, with any other matter. The exact scope of the offer depends on your needs. Contact us and together we will determine what you care about and what we can offer in the face of it. Let’s meet at your wedding!

Transfery specjalne helikopterem


Special VIP helicopter transfers are a service that provides not only exceptional convenience, but also an unforgettable experience. For those who value luxury, privacy and efficiency, our helicopter transfers offer the perfect solution. Our helicopter transfers are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of VIP clients who expect the highest standard of service. With us, every trip is not only convenient, but also fast and efficient, which is invaluable in today’s busy world. Our helicopters, operated by experienced pilots, guarantee safe and peaceful travel over beautiful landscapes.

With our helicopter transfers, you can avoid city traffic jams and reach your destination in record time. It’s ideal for business people needing a quick transfer between cities, as well as for people who want to make their special event even more special. Our transfers are available to various locations, giving you the flexibility to plan your trip. Choose our helicopter transfers and experience travel at the highest level. We invite you to use our services to discover a new dimension of travel.