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Rental Mercedes Sprinter VIP 20 people

The Mercedes Sprinter VIP bus, designed for 20 people, meets the expectations of the most demanding customers. Attention to detail, spaciousness, luxury and comfort are the features that set this vehicle apart. The elegant interior design, finished in light cream leather, provides not only aesthetics but also comfort. This vehicle is the epitome of sophistication and comfort, offering a luxurious travel experience. The light cream leather and Alcantara finish accentuate a sense of sophistication and elegance that harmonizes with the modern and stylish design.

The Mercedes Sprinter VIP bus is the perfect choice for corporate events, airport transfers, weddings and other special occasions. It is equipped with the latest technology and amenities such as a personal entertainment system, air conditioning and a minibar. Passengers can relax on soft, comfortable seats, enjoying legroom and practical storage compartments.

The body of the Mercedes Sprinter provides reliability and safety, which guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with advanced safety systems, providing peace of mind while traveling. With a high-quality audio and video system, passengers can enjoy top-notch entertainment, making every trip an unforgettable experience. A sophisticated interior, combined with functionality and reliability, makes the Mercedes Sprinter VIP a unique vehicle in its class.

Quality and luxury


The Mercedes Sprinter VIP is more than a means of transportation. This is a luxury in itself. The vehicle is ideal for businessmen who need a comfortable and spacious ride to important meetings or events. A personal entertainment system is an added bonus that allows passengers to stay productive or entertained while traveling.

  • A large trunk that is sure to accommodate for backline music bands
  • bluetooth
  • USB
  • microphone
  • 230V sockets so that you can work on the computer without any worries
  • Internet with WiFi two screens facing each other, option to transfer video and audio from phone, tablet or laptop to monitors.
  • Two air conditioning systems with adjustable front/rear temperatures
  • Parking and convector heating

The Mercedes Sprinter VIP 20-passenger is ideal for transfers to conventions, festivals, events, concerts, airport transportation or trips abroad.

number of seats: 20+1


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