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Rental Mercedes Sprinter VIP 9 persons

Mercedes Sprinter VIP: Synonymous with Luxury for 9 Persons


Mercedes Sprinter VIP 9 people designed for VIP group of discerning people, refined in every detail, spacious, luxurious and comfortable. Modern, elegant design of the vehicle’s interior finished in light cream leather and alcantara. This vehicle is the epitome of sophistication and comfort, offering a luxury travel experience that is second to none. The interior of the Mercedes Sprinter VIP was designed with passengers’ needs in mind, providing enough space for a group of people to travel in comfort and style. The light cream leather and Alcantara finish exude a sense of sophistication and elegance that complements the modern and stylish design. The Mercedes Sprinter VIP is ideal for corporate events, airport transfers, weddings and other special occasions. It is equipped with the latest technology and amenities, including a personal entertainment system, air conditioning and a minibar. Passengers can relax on the soft, comfortable seats and enjoy the convenience of ample legroom and storage space. The body of the Mercedes Sprinter is reliable and safe, providing a smooth and safe ride.

Quality and luxury


Renting a Mercedes Sprinter VIP is more than a means of transportation, as you can work or hold mobile meetings in it. The vehicle is ideal for businessmen who need a comfortable and spacious ride to important meetings or events. A personal entertainment system is an added bonus that allows passengers to stay productive or entertained while traveling.

The Mercedes Sprinter VIP is a vehicle that combines functionality and luxury. Its unique feature is the fully adjustable swivel seats, which can be configured as desired. The seats can face each other or slide, with each equipped with three-point seat belts. The vehicle’s interior also offers a conference and lounge version, depending on the needs of the travelers.

The rear bench seat in the Mercedes Sprinter VIP, which can be easily folded down to form a bed, is one of the key features. Ideally suited to the needs of long trips. In addition, the vehicle’s large trunk will easily accommodate a backline for music bands, which is extremely important for artists traveling to concerts.

Entertainment and work in the Mercedes Sprinter VIP are at a high level thanks to the table, digital TV, DVD, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, microphone and PlayStation equipment. In addition, iPad control and 230V outlets allow you to work on your computer without worrying about power. Internet with Wi-Fi and two screens facing each other allow you to transfer vision and sound from your phone, tablet or laptop to the monitors.

Functionality at the Highest Level


Travel comfort is ensured by two air conditioning systems with separate temperature settings for the front and rear of the vehicle. Parking heating and convector heating are additional amenities that make a trip in a Mercedes Sprinter VIP comfortable regardless of weather conditions.

The Mercedes Sprinter VIP 9-passenger is ideal for transfers to conventions, festivals, events, concerts, airport transportation or trips abroad. The business Sprinter has amenities like a high-end hotel, the functionality of an office, the space of a private jet. This van offers a wide range of features that can’t be found anywhere else!


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